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Information, Advice and Guidance for Employers (I.A.G.)

Career Management

The work environment is changing very quickly now and companies are focusing on the best way to find and to keep the “best people.” More and more, organizations are looking to develop their staff.


We help companies change their replaceable workforce to a renewable one by re-energising your employees and helping them realise their full potential.


We do this through a combination of career management, upskilling and reskilling your staff.

The outcome for you is increased employee motivation, productivity and retention.


Career management is a necessary tool to assist us in achieving both personal and professional goals. With good career management, we can make the proper and timely decisions along the way with confidence.


Smart employers support employees in their efforts to grow professionally.


Career planning is a subset of career management and it is the process of reassessing individual learning and development over a period of time.


Our holistic approach to training and personal development means we work with you and your staff to understand and deliver what both parties want or need.


Redundancy can be a difficult time and, with so many different offers of support for individuals and companies, it can be confusing to know how to access help for your staff. Many businesses have no previous experience of handling wide-scale redundancy programmes and are unsure of the best way to support the staff impacted.


Through our team of specialist advisers, we can offer support not only to you as you face that process, but also to those being made redundant, helping your staff on the first steps towards finding alternative employment.


We will work with you and your business to offer information, advice, guidance, support and training, helping those affected by:


Identifying their skills, experience and strengths

Helping them to understand the job market

Assisting in creating their CV and covering letter

Improving their interview skills and job search skills

Building their confidence

Offering careers advice, particularly looking at retraining, self-employment or returning to education

Managing the stress of change


We can also help with assessment centres, psychometric profiling and career coaching.


Such outplacement services can be tailored to the individual in order to meet their specific needs and timeframes, or alternatively offered in group sessions to suit your budget.


We can help you with your recruitment of staff in a number of ways:


Advertise your job with us for free of change

(we will promote it through social media and at events with clients)

Supporting you as you write Job Descriptions, Person Specifications and Advertisements.

Handling applications, sifting and interviewing first stage (or any one aspect of this)

Second Stage interviewing – with you – including setting up appropriate tests and skills assessment.


If you are an organisation that aims to tackle a challenge or achieve its picture of success, please read on.

Rudyard Kipling wrote:

"I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who."


We were awarded the Career Development Institute Award for best Practice in Delivering Career Development Services and can help:


We offer free funded support to develop your People, Upskilling existing employees as well as providing outplacement support for staff who are leaving.

Addressing What are the real results to achieve and the goals for the business and the person?.



Why do you need to build on the pluses and minimise the minuses?

Developing people enhances Productivity and increases Profit.

We provide professional career management support and access to a wide range of on-line and face to face courses



Starting from the destination and working backwards, create a road map for achieving your goals. We can fit around your goals and time frames to develop your staff.



Our individual and group sessions are led by qualified and experienced consultants and can be a great asset to clarify your strategies for success.



We can deliver the sessions at our premises or at your premises or at a neutral location.



Getting the right people and giving them the support they need is crucial.

We can help you with Recruitment and with staff Development.


Developing people builds Confidence and increases Productivity.

Funded Services

We are pleased to announce additional services to our training, development and coaching portfolio in response to national directives around digital transformation and upskilling staff.  This free, professional funded advice through the National Careers Service and Good Things Foundation, provides guidance and training. It is available for anyone employed and particularly for those who do not have a level 2 qualification.


The provision will assess skills gaps and help enrol employees on the right digital training ranging from IT to sector focused short courses.  The advice and guidance would be a one to one interview resulting in an Action Plan and courses can be completed at your premises on your computer systems.  We can also provide group sessions which are delivered by our experienced and qualified team.


Courses cover a wide range of sectors and subjects such as:

Digital Skills, Business and Management including Food and Drink, Health and Psychology, Creative Arts and Media, Tech and Coding, Teaching, Languages and Culture, Law, Nature and Environment, Science, Engineering, English, Maths and Study Skills.


This is a new and exciting initiative bringing together a range of funded programmes aimed at building business resilience.  Contact us for more details.

Some Feedback from Local Employers


Allied Healthcare

"It has been real pleasure working with your Company, who is working hard to find the right candidates for us as Care Worker, especially yourself, who is always available to me to my queries regarding your clients / candidates. You always reply to my emails promptly.


"I have always enjoyed attending the job fairs organised by “The Mallows Company”. Set-up is always well organised and very friendly staff make it even more exciting as well. I always received good and effective communication from your staff about the job fair and other events.


"I think, the effective communication and your friendly approach has worked well between us and your Company. I am looking forward to strengthen our Professional relation and carry on working together to provide more job opportunities to your clients / candidates."

Mohammed Dar

Regional Recruitment Support

Allied Healthcare



Jem Sales & Marketing

"Placing your matched candidate really helped Jem sales & marketing save on fees paid to Indeed and made a positive impact to our overall team. K settled in really well and has become a valued member of the team. K picked up and ran with the campaigns that she was tasked with meaning that she was part of a team that hit target and delivered a quality service to our customer. The customer is delighted with our overall results. This helps us continue a good relationship. We will be informing you of other vacancies in the future as they arise and look forward to being part of the job fair."

Amanda Barry

HR Consultant

Jem Sales & Marketing



Adrenaline Alley

We have signed up for our furloughed staff to do training and it’s amazing the difference it’s making for them to learn without other everyday pressures. The Mallows team have been incredible getting individual programs up & running - thank you!!”

Mandy Young MBE DL  CEO/Co-founder at Adrenaline Alley


If you would like to take advantage of our offer and use our service or if you have any queries, please email:


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